ByteTrain was founded in 2012 by IT professionals. The company holds the values what brought us together: customer satisfaction, passion for technology and team spirit.

What we do?

Project planning & management

Project planning uses agile methods and iterative and incremental management to reduce the overall risk associated with software development and to accelerate the delivery of initial business value.

Architecture and design

Good system architecture does not emerge on its own; it takes years of experience, a comprehensive view and a will to accept responsibility. Our team has been responsible for creating both smaller and larger systems, using our wide spectrum of various technologies. We can and intend to benefit You with our experience.

Software development

You have an idea, but programming is not your main field of activity – well, it is ours. We have created software for various platforms and integrated it with various systems (ESB, middleware, etc.). Although our portfolio is dominantly Java applications, we are also skilled in other languages. Whatever you need – we can do it.

Automated testing

We automate the chore of testing, be it testing the graphical user interface or the integration of various system components. Often the tester is unable to comprehend and test the most complex parts of a system. We can use our skills and experience to lay a foundation that ensures detection of errors before they go into production.


The application’s age is already in double digits? The only person who knows the source code is now retired? The source code is written in an extraterrestrial language or uses an ancient framework? We can coax the mess into a system that uses modern technologies.


Does your organisation have a wildly long period from developing an idea to entering it into production? Does it sometimes seem like an obstacle course organised by the administrative department? Our goal is to take your ideas to production, while being a best friend and a pleasantly unpleasant partner for your administration. As developers, we also accept responsibility for the administration’s tasks.


"Co-operation with ByteTrain has been a very pleasant experience and they have stayed true to their promises. They finalised an application very important and time-critical for us, completely respecting their promises and the budget set. Throughout the entire process they have been highly professional, asking relevant questions, making reasonable suggestions and helping us in every way!"

Hillar Lõhmussaar

Hillar Lõhmussaar
Estonian Traffic Insurance Foundation
Board Member

"The Bytetrain team is to Elion like our own development department – we share the same values (“I am responsible and I care!”) and we speak the same agile language. ByteTrain people pay attention, offer solutions and stand by the same principles as we do – the best experience and value for Elion’s customers!"

Taavi Sepp

Taavi Sepp
Elion Enterprises Ltd
Head of Department

"The ByteTrain team is characterised by flexibility and focussing on the client’s needs. Our co-operation is very smooth and our expectations are being fulfilled."

Rainer Tikk

Rainer Tikk
Head of IT Software Development


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